Those who crave comfort

Children from unsheltered childhoods crave comfort and often grow up wanting to provide that to others. If this statement holds true, could it be a possible explanation for my passion for working with children?

I have very strong protective instincts that kick off into high gear whenever I see a vulnerable child. In that moment, I feel like I could take a bullet for them, if need be. Maybe, their helplessness triggers off a mirror in my mind. Maybe I see my helpless childhood in their eyes.

I never had someone hold me and tell me, “Look, it’s going to be all right, little one.” And I know how it feels. I don’t want any child to feel that, ever. I don’t want any child to look at the chaos in their world and feel lonely, cornered, mute. I don’t want them growing up with misguided ideas of what it is to be strong. It doesn’t matter that I never got that comfort, not any more at least. But, I can’t let other children feel that void. I won’t, not till my last breath in this life.

No child deserves to feel alienated.


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