Those who crave comfort

Children from unsheltered childhoods crave comfort and often grow up wanting to provide that to others. If this statement holds true, could it be a possible explanation for my passion for working with children?

I have very strong protective instincts that kick off into high gear whenever I see a vulnerable child. In that moment, I feel like I could take a bullet for them, if need be. Maybe, their helplessness triggers off a mirror in my mind. Maybe I see my helpless childhood in their eyes.

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If I could go back in time, I’d hug the little me.

When I think of child-me, my heart breaks a little. I remember me, sitting with a story-book, in a little corner, watching the adults fight with each other. They  weaponised their words and turned them into little pellets of hatred that they flung at each other. Sometimes, I caught a few and digested them silently. I thought they went away, but years later I can still taste them at the back of my mouth, deep in my head.

The culture of demonising hard work



Pictures like this discourage and trivialise people who either love  their jobs OR have no option but to work a job for the sake of survival.
Firstly, no. A 9-5 job is not easy and yes, it requires tremendous sacrifices and courage as well. Remember our parents, their 9-5 jobs funded most of our “dreams”? They worked hard, ceaselessly for decades, often giving up their passions for things bigger than themselves, their families. I personally know older folk who gave up hobbies to pursue ‘9-5 jobs’ to maintain themselves and their families.

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A Rant for Responsible Parenting: From a kid

Over the years I have developed very strong views on responsible parenting. It was primarily because as I grew up, I realised that a lot of the instability that I witnessed in my childhood was because my parents had me when they weren’t equipped to, financially or otherwise. They weren’t capable of providing a safe shelter for a child.

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